Minority Access National Conference

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Minority Access' National Role Models Conference, which assembles high achieving innovators, recruiters, researchers, faculty, administrators, students, mentors and alumni, as well as institutions that have been exemplary in producing minority researchers, was initiated in 2000 and was immediately a spectacular success. Serendipitously, the conferences have served the function of directly linking federal agencies and corporations with institutions that they support or desire to support. The linkages have been mutually beneficial. Over 450 colleges, universities and other institutions have been represented at the conferences.

Who Should Attended?

  • University and College President and Administrators
  • Diversity Officers
  • Faculty and Student Researchers
  • Campus Recruiters
  • Counselors and Academic Advisors
  • School Administrators and Teachers
  • College Bound Students
  • Medical and Health Practitioners
  • Federal Officials and Corporate Executives Interested in Scouting New Talent, Promoting Community Outreach, Advancing Diversity and/or Establishing Partnerships with Prestigious Academic Institutions
  • Alumni and Others Interested in Decreasing Disparities and Increasing Diversity

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