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This year, make a tax deductible donation to Minority Access, Inc. in order to help inspire future research scientists and fund activities that bring about real change in our communities. We invite you to support the Dr. Samuel L. Myers, Sr. Student Researchers Fund.

The Vision

The Dr. Samuel L. Myers, Sr. Student Researchers Fund focuses on encouraging undergraduate students from underrepresented backgrounds, at all institutions, to enhance their contributions to society by pursuing research oriented STEM fields - especially areas dedicated to reducing instances of health disparities in minority communities.

Where Your Dollars Go

By making a donation of just $10 or more, your support helps provide undergraduate student researchers:

- Forums for social and professional networking, and possibilities for collaborative research and enhanced academic and career prospects

- Mentorship with seasoned researchers in STEM fields

- Scholarships to attend the Undergraduate Student Researchers Competition at Minority Access’ National Role Models Conference.

- Competition awards to incentivize undergraduates to further their research efforts in STEM fields.

We Can't Reach This Goal Without Your Help

Let’s work together to better influence our goal of reducing instances of health disparities while increasing diversity in STEM fields.

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