Minority Access' National Diversity & Inclusion Internship Program

"Developing Tomorrow's Workforce"

Minority Access, Inc. will pay intern's round-trip travel from their campus or home residence to their internship placement for distances in excess of 50 miles. However, interns are required to pay daily commuting expenses during their internship placement.

Minority Access, Inc. will provide assistance to interns in locating suitable housing and will make all move-in arrangements. In most cases, students are responsible for housing costs. Cost for housing will be deducted from your stipend.

Finding appropriate housing sites during the summer is a challenge. Housing in most metropolitan areas is very expensive. The high cost of living in most metropolitan and surrounding areas is often a shock to our out-of-area interns. Housing rates always increase during the summer months. More than 20,000 interns come to the area to take advantage of the wonderful internship opportunities offered each summer. This, along with a 3% apartment vacancy rate, adds to the difficulty of finding affordable short-term housing.

Our primary concern is your safety. We strive to locate short-term housing near public transportation, within 45 minutes (each way) of your worksite. We provide units that are furnished, clean, and accessible to downtown or shopping centers. Utilities (gas and electric) are normally included. You should expect to pay a minimum of $750 per month in most housing areas. Remember, an internship is a learning experience first and foremost.