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Minority Access' Educational Talent Search Program

Awareness Component

The Awareness Component is designed to motivate and encourage 6th and 7th grade participants to excel at a maximum academic level to ensure proper readiness for secondary school. During this component students begin to gain an understanding of themselves in relation to educational and career opportunities. Participants in the Awareness Component automatically transition to the next level (Conceptualize Component) participation in ETS.

Conceptualization Component

The Conceptualization component encourages students in 8th thru 10th grades to develope further their self-awareness and shape who they are and what they want to do. The students will be expected to move toward a full understanding of secondary expectations in order to achieve post-secondary options. Participants are exposed to an array of activities and services designed to minimize barriers to success. Conceptualization participants automatically transition to the next level (Application Component) of participation in ETS.

Application Component

Skills they've learned during the Awareness and Conceptualization Components are applied by 11th and 12th grade students during the Applicatin Componenet, the period when they begin to submit applications for post-secondary education and to funding sources to maximize their financial aid opportunities. Upon matriculation into the 12th grade, students are provided assistance with completing the college application, writing the admission essay, developing a resume, and submitting the FAFSA. ETS provides college application fee waivers and SAT/ACT fee waivers to qualified students.